Pixie Lott – Broken Arrow chords ver. 4

Broken Arrow by Pixxie Lott, rearranged by me, Claudia Cardenas. Sorry if the chords 
aren't in the right spot. If you don't really understand it I recently made a cover: 

hope you guys enjoy these chords, it's my first cover.

Before starting put your capo on the 3rd.

Intro: C,G,F

C GWhat do you do when you're stuck
FCos the one that you love
GHas pushed you away
C GYou can't deal with the pain?
FAnd now you're trying to fix me
GMend what he did
CAnd find the pieces
FThat I'm missing
AmAnd you're
CSitting in the front row
GWanna be the first in line
AmWaiting by my window
FGiving me all your time
CYou could have been my hero
FIf only I could let go
G FBut his love is still in me
Am, C,GLike a broken arrow (repeat this line twice in the final chorus) [end of chorus]
C GHe's the thorn in my flesh
FThat I can't take out
GHe's stealing my breath
CWhenever you're around
GAnd now you're trying to convince me
FThat he wasnt worth it
GBut you can't complete me
[silence here] He's the part that is missing
C,F,GOh I miss him
Chorus x1
Am CWhat do you do
GWhen your heart's in two places?
AmYou feel burned
FBut you're torn inside
CYou feel love
GBut you just can't embrace it
FWhen you've found the right one
GAt the wrong time
Chorus x1 [The End]
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