Pixies - Weird At My School tab

OK this is a great song, chords and stuff are a bit weird but not too hard.

First the chords -



C#m    pause
G#     twice as long as the C#m

C#m (strum the chord really quickly but reduce the number of strings you play till you 
just playing the bass C#, then go back up and get into this rhythm:

Keep playing this rhythm for the verses.) Verse: C#m My father lives in Arabia C#m G B And I live right here at my school C#m I took his plane to Columbia C#m G B So I could sell at my school CHORUS: Em G Weird at my school it's Em G Weird at my school it's Em G Weird at my school it's F A Weird at my school Pre-verse: C#m G C#m G Verse: My mother's glad that I am here So she can visit my school I can't believe she's so pretty I'm a son of a bitch at my school Chorus Pre-Verse Verse: And my best friend, my cousin Eleanor She lives far away from the doors of my school (wait longer before the G B) And oftentimes you know I fantasize That I have sex with the nuns at my school Chorus x 2 End on C#m Now the lead parts - Verses: Come in on the 'my school' with:
e|-3333-----------| e|-3----8--------12--|b|-----5-3-5-5----| b|-4-s8----8-s12-----|g|-------------3b-| x 3 then g|-------------------|d|----------------| d|-------------------|a|----------------| a|-------------------|e|----------------| e|-------------------|
e|-------------------------------------------------------|b|-------------------------------------------------------|g|-------------------------------------------------------|d|-10-101010-101010-101010-101010-101010-101010----------| x 2a|----------------------------------------------10-10-10-|e|-------------------------------------------------------|
e|--9---|b|--9---|g|--9---|d|--11--| upstroke and hold ita|--11--|e|--9---|
End with
There we go. Have fun.
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