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From: schnitzi@eola.cs.ucf.edu (Mark Schnitzius)

More Pixies (R.I.P  :-(  ) by request.  Really weird chord
progression on this one as it is -- plus, everything moves
up a half a step for most of the first verse, then drops
back down a half step for the end of the first verse and all
but the last bit of the second -- when it goes back UP again
by a half step.  Odd, but somehow it works.  I'm in awe.

Again, the lyrics may be a bit off -- for some reason the
lyrics for only about half the songs on Bossanova came with
my CD.

by the Pixies
off of Bossanova

Some chords you will need:

Bbm C# F# Ab Bm Bb F----1---4---2---4---2---1---1--|----2---6---2---4---3---3---1--|----3---6---3---5---4---3---2--|----3---6---4---6---5---3---3--|----1---4---4---6---2---1---3--|------------2---4-----------1--|
Opening chords: E E Bbm Intro (solo played over chords appearing at top):
Bbm A C# F# A Bbm A----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|----------------10-11-10-8-10---------8-------------------|---11---11-11-----------------11---11----11--11s8-8--7----|----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|
C# F# A C# Ab------------------------------------|------------------------------------|-----10-11-10-8-10---------8--------|-------------------11---11---11-11--|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
C# Ab A Bbm E Bbm------------------12--9-----------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|------8-9-11-8-s11------------8-9-11-10-------------------|---11----------------------11--------------11-------------|----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|
Bm Bb She's my faith D G Undressing in the sun Bb Bm Return to sea - bye Bb D G Forgetting everyone Bb D Eleven high A C# Ab A Bbm E Bbm Ride a wave Bbm A She's my faith C# F# Undressing in the sun A Bbm Return to sea - bye A C# F# Forgetting everyone A C# Ab Eleven high D A Bb Bm F Bm Ride a wave
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