Pixies – Come On Pilgrim Album tab

Ed Is Dead    from:Andrew (wall@newton.otago.ac.nz)

G C (for 3 strums) Her head is in a bitter way A F F# ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ------------>>>10--8--------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Her brain's on fire
G C (3 strums) ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ------5---4------------------------------ -5------------5----3--h5----------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- She's just looking for the perfect wave
A F F# ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ------5---4----------->>>10--8----------- -5------------5----3--------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- It's her brain's desire
I'll think of her when I walk the strand On this true hormos a night Ed is dead (4x) She's just rotting in stupid bliss With music on her bars uh Her face burning in the L.A. sun She got no got no fear of cars I better kick my strand cruiser To the friendlier oh oh oh oh oh oh Ed is dead (4x) Ed is dead ... E. I. D., E. I. D., E. I. D., a nuh nuh nuh nuh no! (Lead guitar bits are just a high G note with a little string bending.) Caribou Pixies
Intro:e---0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0---0-0---0-0---0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-B-5-5-4\2-2-0-1-5-5-5-4\2-0-0-5-5-4\2-2-0-1-5-7-8-7-5-G-------------0-------------1-------------0-----------D-------------2-------------2-------------2-----------A-------------3-------------2-------------3-----------E---------------------------^------------------------- ^whammy down
G Cm G Cm e-3---3---3-------- B-3h4-3h4-3h4---7b6 <--this is a 6 bended up, G-5---5---5-------- played at 7, then D------------------ un-bended. A------------------ E------------------ Verse: G Cm G Cm I live cement, I hate this street G Cm G Cm _________________________________<--I couldn't figure this line at all. G Cm G Cm This human form, Where I was born, G Cm G Cm I now repent, Chorus: G Cm G Cm G Cm G Cm Cari-bou Cari-bou G D# A# B C# G D# A# B C# Cari-bou D# B C# D# B C# REPENT REPENT The Holiday Song Pixies intro: c-d-b-c with high e drone that little nifty melody line that begins each verse is : c b a g eg eg a / c b a g eg e b c... the chords for the verse go: A C F C A C F C well sit right down my wicked son and let me tell you a story A C F C A F C F about a boy who fell from glory and how he was a wicked son chorus: G F A C F C this ain't no holiday no, no G F but it always turns out this way D f# g a g f# here i am with my hands
Nimrod's Son Trompe Le Monde PixiesINTRO: Guitar 1|-9-8-7---------------9-8-7-------------------------||-7-----8-------------7-----8-8-7-------------------||-7-------------------7-----------------------------||-7-------------------7-----------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------|
| Guitar 2 ||---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||---------------6--4-------------------7--3---------||-------------6----5-----------------7----4---------||-----------4------5---------------5------4---------||------------------3----------------------2---------|
Guitar 1|-----10--------------------------------------------||------9-----------6--------------------------------||----9-------------7--------------------------------||--9-------------7----------------------------------||--------------5------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------|
| Guitar 2 ||---------5-----------5-----------------------------||---------6-----------5-----------------------------||---------7-----------6-----------------------------||---------7-----------7-----------------------------||---------5-----------7-----------------------------||---------------------5-----------------------------|
E F F#7add4[???] F# B Bm F# B Bm Why do cupids and angels Con- F# B Bm F# D tin-u-al-ly haunt her dreams like B D F# B Bm F# mem-o-ries of another life B Bm F# D Badd4 is painted on her shirt in capitals. G E G Out on the free freeway there's only D B D B A G she and the they represented by their lights [Bridge: Spoken] Bm G C# G We went to the store and bought something great Bm G D F# which samples this song from Washington state. Em F#m Dm A E F F#7add4 [Instumental part] Go little record go. It is named by some guy named Joe. And the words are the letters of the words said electrically played for outer space and those who paid. This song is twice occurred and nows it's time to go away on holiday.
---14-9-11-14-9-11-14-9-11-14-9-12-14-9-12-14-9-12-14-9-12---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------F# B Bm F#of another life
Isla De Enchanta Pixies Through verses: B A# A C "Isla De Echanta" part: B E VAMOS Pixies Rhythm guitar
ad lib on above throughout entire song except for chorus which goes : Bm G That maid Maria she is really OK E G A B Vamos a jurgar por la playa Lead guitar
?---\15--\11--\11--\11--\11----------- ?------------------------------------- ?------------------------------------- ?------------------------------------- ?------------------------------------- ?------------------------------------- repeat above 5 times
Chorus?-------------------------------------?-------------------------------------?--9--12--14--16----------------------?--9--12--14--16----------------------?-------------------------------------?-------------------------------------repeat above 4 times??
then ?----------------------------------0--?--9--7--11--14>>>(b)15--14--14----0--?--9--7--11--14>>>(b)15----14--14--0--?----------------------------------0--?-------------------------------------?-------------------------------------keep notes bent to pitch of fifteenthuntil playing open notes.
The whole solo section is based on making a almighty noise with open strings (no chords). Use feedback, waggling the toggle switch, quickly turning the volume knob on the guitar up and down and scratching the strings with your pick or a slide or anything, right from the bridge up to the nut. Make it up as you go along and have fun. Lyrics : Esta pensando sobre viviendo con mi sister en New Jersey Echo me dijo que es una vida buena Enrique bien chevere We'll keep well bred We'll stay well fed We'll have our sons They will be all well hung They'll come and play Their friends will say Your daddy's rich Your mamma's a pretty thing That maid Maria she is really OK Vamos a jurgar por la playa I keep gettin' friends Looking like lesbiens If we get bored We'll move to California They'll come and play Their friends will say Your daddy's rich Your mamma's a pretty thing That maid Maria she is really OK Vamos a jurgar por la playa
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