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From: schnitzi@east.isx.com (Mark J. Schnitzius)

The Pixies
>From the album of the same name


Guitar 1|-9-8-7---------------9-8-7-------------------------||-7-----8-------------7-----8-8-7-------------------||-7-------------------7-----------------------------||-7-------------------7-----------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------|
| Guitar 2 ||---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||---------------6--4-------------------7--3---------||-------------6----5-----------------7----4---------||-----------4------5---------------5------4---------||------------------3----------------------2---------|
Guitar 1|-----10--------------------------------------------||------9-----------6--------------------------------||----9-------------7--------------------------------||--9-------------7----------------------------------||--------------5------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------|
| Guitar 2 ||---------5-----------5-----------------------------||---------6-----------5-----------------------------||---------7-----------6-----------------------------||---------7-----------7-----------------------------||---------5-----------7-----------------------------||---------------------5-----------------------------|
E F F#7add4[???] F# B Bm F# B Bm Why do cupids and angels Con- F# B Bm F# D tin-u-al-ly haunt her dreams like B D F# B Bm F# mem-o-ries of another life B Bm F# D Badd4 is painted on her shirt in capitals. G E G Out on the free freeway there's only D B D B A G she and the they represented by their lights [Bridge: Spoken] Bm G C# G We went to the store and bought something great Bm G D F# which samples this song from Washington state. Em F#m Dm A E F F#7add4 [Instumental part] Go little record go. It is named by some guy named Joe. And the words are the letters of the words said electrically played for outer space and those who paid. This song is twice occurred and nows it's time to go away on holiday. -----
Badd4: -0-- F#7add4 -0--| -0-- -0--| -8-- -3--| -9-- -4--| -9-- -4--| -7-- -2--|
From: zipfel@ihlpm.att.com Subject: Trompe Le Monde bits... I think this is the trill part (during each second verse)
---14-9-11-14-9-11-14-9-11-14-9-12-14-9-12-14-9-12-14-9-12--|------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|F# B Bm F#of another life
I had to play it tapping, but a faster player could do it with the left hand... The middle instrumental is based on the intro... This song is too fast for me. I guess I'll have to play it over and over til I get it right...
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