Pixies – Trompe Le Monde Album tab

Trompe Le Monde Album
                            by The Pixies
                      Edited by Victor C. Perez (yira@dorsai.dorsai.org)

The Pixies
From: schnitzi@east.isx.com (Mark J. Schnitzius) 


Guitar 1|-9-8-7---------------9-8-7-------------------------||-7-----8-------------7-----8-8-7-------------------||-7-------------------7-----------------------------||-7-------------------7-----------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------|
| Guitar 2 ||---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||---------------6--4-------------------7--3---------||-------------6----5-----------------7----4---------||-----------4------5---------------5------4---------||------------------3----------------------2---------|
Guitar 1|-----10--------------------------------------------||------9-----------6--------------------------------||----9-------------7--------------------------------||--9-------------7----------------------------------||--------------5------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------|
| Guitar 2 ||---------5-----------5-----------------------------||---------6-----------5-----------------------------||---------7-----------6-----------------------------||---------7-----------7-----------------------------||---------5-----------7-----------------------------||---------------------5-----------------------------|
E F F#7add4[???] F# B Bm F# B Bm Why do cupids and angels Con- F# B Bm F# D tin-u-al-ly haunt her dreams like B D F# B Bm F# mem-o-ries of another life B Bm F# D Badd4 is painted on her shirt in capitals. G E G Out on the free freeway there's only D B D B A G she and the they represented by their lights [Bridge: Spoken] Bm G C# G We went to the store and bought something great Bm G D F# which samples this song from Washington state. Em F#m Dm A E F F#7add4 [Instumental part] Go little record go. It is named by some guy named Joe. And the words are the letters of the words said electrically played for outer space and those who paid. This song is twice occurred and nows it's time to go away on holiday. -----
Badd4: -0-- F#7add4 -0-- -0-- -0-- -8-- -3-- -9-- -4-- -9-- -4-- -7-- -2--
- Planet of Sound: uses a drop D tuning, so tune yr low E to a D. From: scuw5@central.susx.ac.uk (Jonathan Eyre) The song uses only two chords - A5 and D5:
A5 D5e---------B---------G--2------D--2---0--A--0---0--D------0--
Start on A5, move to D5, and just alternate between the two. The solo is just a cheesy blues lick. You can actually buy a complete book of 'Trompe Le Monde' tab, but it's not very good. U-mass Pixies G F C D G G G G F C C C C D the chorus is slightly different: F G Bb C F C C F and all the chorus chords are quarter notes. 'Letter to Memphis' Transcribed by Mark Schnitzius (schnitzi@east.isx.com) Tune your guitar down a half step to play this one. You'll need to hit the low E chord. ---- E C#m A E C#m A E C#m A [Call this Rhythm Figure 1]
C#m A A E Abm E--------4--5--5--5--------4----5-----------5--5--5--7--------4----7------8-9--6--6--6--7--8-9-8-4----7----6------6--7--7--7--------6----7-----------4--7--7--5--------6----5--------------5--5-----------4--------
C#m A A E Abm A B--------4--5--5--7----------4-------0------2---------------5--5--5--5----------4-------2------4--------8-9-8--6--6--6--5----8-9---4-------2------4---------------6--7--7--5--6-------6-------2------4---------------4--7--7--7----------6-------0------2------------------5--5-------------4----------------------
[End Rhythm Figure 1]
E? E C#m /B C#m A? A A? A--------------------4---------------------------------------------------------5--------------------------------------9--9--9--9--9--9---6--------------------------------------11-11-11-11-11-9---6------------7-7-7-7-7-7--7-7-7-7-7-7--7--7--7--7--7--7---4------------9-9-9-9-9-7--9-9-9-9-9-7----------------------------------5-5-5-5-5-5--5-5-5-5-5-5-
E? E C#m /B C#m A? A F#m--------------------4--------------------------2------------------------------5--------------------------2-----------9--9--9--9--9--9---6--------------------------2-----------11-11-11-11-11-9---6------------7-7-7-7-7-7---4-----------7--7--7--7--7--7---4------------9-9-9-9-9-7---4-------------------------------------------5-5-5-5-5-5---2----------
the day since I met her i can't believe it's true she came here from memphis across the ocean sailing and i saw her and i pleaded why do you come so far and she said C#m E trying to get to you C#m E how i tried to get to you C#m E trying to get to you
[Rhythm Figure 2]--------------------------------------------------------------------------9--7-----11-9-----5--5-----7--7---
i'm sending a letter i'll send it right to you i'll send it to memphis i know that someday everything i needed and i wanted used to be that in my head was haunted [with Rhythm Figure 1] and all these sirens they make me mad and all this violence it brings me down i feel strong i feel lucky trying to get to you said i'm going to get to you trying to get to you [Close:] [Rhythm Figure 2] E SUBBACULTCHA transcribed by Adam Farmer the lyrics are at the bottom, you can work out where they go by listening to the record. I've split the song into sections and the arrangement is below. PART 1 -------------------------------------------------- guitar 1 ?--------------------------------------------- ?----------------------------------8---------- ?----------------------------------10(b)------
add slight bend to the G notes --------------------------------------------------- PART 2 --------------------------------------------------- guitar 1 ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?---------------------5-----------------------
guitar 2 ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?---10---------------------------------------- ?------------------------12------------------- play note at tenth fret, A string through two of guitar one's progression, then slide down from 12 fret, E string. Play above through first verse ---------------------------------------------------- PART 3 ---------------------------------------------------- guitar 1 ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?---------------------3----------------------- ?---0--0--4--0--3--3-----0-------------------- guitar 2 ?-------------?-18(b)20------?-20------------? ?-------------?--------------?------------21-? ?-------------?--------------?---------------? ?-10----------?--------------?---------------? ?----------12-?-----------12-?---------------? play guitar 1 thoughout second verse adding slight bend to the fretted notes. ignore the spacing for guitar 2, listen to the record for how to play them, remember to slide down from second note. ---------------------------------------------------- PART 4 ---------------------------------------------------- guitar 1 E chord throughout guitar 2 ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?--------------------------------------------- ?---10---------------------------------------- ?------------------------12------------------- play open E chord throughout play guitar 2 the same as in PART 2. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 1 x2 Part 2 through first verse E chord while singing Subbacultcha Part 3 through second verse Part 4 through third verse Lyrics : This is a song about something there There is something about this song We did the clubs what ass I was to have her in the sack I was looking handsome She was looking like an erotic vulture I was all dressed in black She was all dressed up in black Everything was fine down here What you call it here Call it what you will here Way down down down in this Subbacultcha Her warm white belly in the life I'd lived had seen nothing Finer she shakes and she moves me or something I was wearing eyeliner She was wearing eyeliner It was good down here Saving for my scrapbook here Way down down down in this Subbacultcha Now we live on the sea and relax and ride the tack Drug running on this panamanian schooner She walks the deck in a black dress And me I dress up in black And we listen to the sea And look at the sky in a poetic kind of way What you call it When you look at the sky in a poetic kind of way You know when you grope for luna Motorway To Roswell - transcribed by Adam Farmer lead guitar transcribed by Jere Klami
Intro: (not very accurate, corrections welcome)E 77-77-7-87-87-7-87-87-7-10-10-10-10--10--8--8--8--8---8---B ------------------------12-12-12-12--12--10-10-10-10--10--
There are three different lead guitar things: B C#m G# C#m 1. B 4-------5---4---4-------4------- 2. B ------------------------4-/5-4--
G -------------------------------- D --421-------------642-4--------- A -2---------------4--------------
3. E ----------7--------------------- B 7-------9--9----7-------9---7--- And here's the chorus: C#m B G# Sparkled as he turned to graze our city E G B 0-------------------------- -------3--00--- He started heading for the motorway B E7 B 577577-7-7--- 577-7-577-7-7--- and he came right down Chords B C#m G# E G E5 7 4 4 0 3 7 7 5 4 0 3 9 8 6 5 1 4 9 9 6 6 2 5 9 9 4 6 2 5 7 7 X 4 0 3 X B C#m Last night he could not make it G# C#m He tried hard but he could not make it B C#m Last night he could not make it B C#m On a holiday G# For many miles C#m B Looking for a place to stay B C#m Near some friendly star G# He found this mote C#m B And now we wonder where we are B C#m How could this so great G# Turn so shitty C#m B He ended up in army crates B C#m And photographs in files G# His tiny boat C#m B G# Sparked as he turned to grazed our city E G I started driving on the motorway B E5 I was feeling down B C#m G# C#m B C#m G# C#m Last night he could not make it B C#m Last night he could not make it G# C#m He tried hard but he could not make it B C#m Last night he could not make B C#m G# C#m On a holiday So many miles Looking for a place to stay Near some friendly star He found this mote And now we wonder How could this so great Turn so shit He ended up in army crates And photographs in files His tiny boat Sparked as he grazed it He started heading for the motorway And he came right down NAVAJO KNOW (Pixies) From: JERE TAPIO KLAMI Cm Am Dm Em Cm Am Dm Em Upon construction there is a mohawk his way of walking quite high above the ground G Cm Am Dm Em Fearless of looking down, skywalk!
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