Pixies – Lovely Day tab

This tab is just the two guitars it should be easy to tell which is which.

Intro:e|-----------------|------------------|b|-----------------|------------------|g|-----------------|------------------|d|-----------------|------------------|a|-2-2-2-24-2-2-222|-2-2-2-24-2-2-222-| x 2e|-----------------|------------------|
Verse: Bm (for all the lines but the last line of the verse) Bm G F# Chorus: Bm E F# Bm E F# Bm E F# G D x3 Bm F#7
Chorus lead:e|-----------|----------|-----------|------------|----|--------------|b|-----------|--------5-|-----------|-----35-7---|----|-7h9p7-7s5-p4-|g|---------4-|----------|-----------|-4-4--------|----|--------------|d|-4---------|-4--------|-4---------|------------|-x2-|--------------|a|-----------|----------|-----------|------------|----|--------------|e|-----------|----------|-----------|------------|----|--------------| Bm E F# Bm E F# Bm E F# G D Bm F#7
Lead for the last verse: (the one about the money and the ticket)e|-5--4--2----|-5--4--2----|-5--4--2----|-4-2-4-2-|-4-2------|b|------------|------------|------------|---------|-----5s4--|g|------------|------------|------------|---------|----------|d|------------|------------|------------|---------|----------|a|------------|------------|------------|---------|----------|e|------------|------------|------------|---------|----------| Bm Bm Bm Bm Bm G F#
Outro: (after first part of chorus) | ^ ^ ^ | e|------------| |--------|-------|---------|-------|-9--10-|-9--|b|-7--9h7s5s4-| x3 |-5-4-2--|-54--2-|-9-7-5-4-|-54--2-|-------|----|g|------------| |--------|-------|---------|-------|-------|----|d|------------| |--------|-------|---------|-------|-------|----|a|------------| |--------|-------|---------|-------|-------|----|e|------------| |--------|-------|---------|-------|-------|----| Bm F#7 Bm E Bm E Bm G Bm (longer)
|^| - these notes are repeated very quickly Words and structure: Intro Verse At the station, at the border an egression to the exterior law and order Upward plantation Verse (with intro riff) I remember your red dress Like a field full o' poppy It was making me dreamy Stunned by a love got to do what your head says Could not let it stop me Chorus: x2 They got one leaving today They got one leaving today They got one leaving today And it's going away Verse: (with intro riff again) Got my feet in the stirrup It can be kind of banal But I dream of your red dress Riding down these dry canals Oh baby it's not europe Verse with different lead: But I'm sending you money I'm sending you lots of money So you can buy a ticket You will be my martian honey all the day Chorus: They got one leaving today They got one leaving today They got one leaving today And it's going away. Outro This was about the only Pixies' song not tabbed out so I thought I'd fill in the gap. Cheers.
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