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Pixies – Im Amazed tab

This is a great song from Surfer Rosa.

Kim: Girls and fucked them at school
All I know is that there were [laughs]there were rumours he was into feild hockey 
There were rumours
Frank: So I applied basically
Kim: He was gone the next day
Frank: I went out for the team
Kim: It's like he was gone they just like it was like so hush hush... They were so... 
about it... and then the next thing you know
       Intro                      Verse (play real fast)          Chorus
e:---2-3--2-3---2-15----]--------------------------------------]--7-7-7-7-]B:--3----3----3---------]--0000000000000000000000000000000000--]----------](For the chorus part jerk the neck up and down to give it a bending sound, but still you play fast.
Verse 1 Em B The day before C That I was wed A She went upstairs and she cut her hair away Chorus: (x4) Em B C A I'm amazed Verse 2 Em B And when I was C A little boy A A ball of string my parents took from me Chorus x4
Solo: Em B C Ae--------------7-------9-8-------------7-----------7-------|B-----8----------10--------10-8----------10----------10----|G-7-9------7-9---------------------7-9---------7-9---------|D----------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------|
Start playing verse part, but when third verse comes only drums play. Verse 3 Before I died I took my Honda And packed it up up up To Arizona Chorus x4 End on e:--8--] If you have any Pixies tabs you want me to figure out e-mail me at Thanks
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