Pj Harvey - The Piano Acoustic tab

This tab is for the live version found on youtube where
she plays an acoustic guitar with nylon strings.


Dm       -    xx0231
C/G      -    332010
Fmaj7    -    x33210
A#       -    688766
A        -    577655
Am       -    x02210
Dsus4    -    xx0233

Part I:
When switching from C/G to Fmaj7 leave your index finger at the first fret and hit 
the lower strings

Dm             C/G    Fmaj7    C/G
Hit her with a hammer
Teeth smashed in
Red tongue twitching
Look inside her skeleton

My fingers sting
Where I feel your fingers have been
Ghostly fingers
Moving my limbs

Part II:

Oh God I miss you

Oh God I miss you

Oh God I miss you

Oh God I miss you

Oh God I miss you

just repeat the chords from the two parts for the rest of the song...
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