Pj Harvey - The Last Living Rose chords

This is pretty easy song once you get the rhythm right, you will need a capo on 5th fret.

Here's chords relative to the 5th fret:

Am [0 2 2 0 x x]
C  [3 2 0 0 x x]
F  [3 3 2 0 x x]
G  [x x 0 2 3 2]

Main riff goes like this (simplified):

Am C F CG||-------0----------0-----|-------0----------0-----||D||-------2----------0-----|-------2----------0-----||A||--2-------2--2-------2--|--3-------3--2-------2--||E||--0-------0--3-------3--|--3-------3--3-------3--||
Try to catch the groove!
Am C F CGoddamn' Europeans!
Am C F CTake me back to beautiful England
Am C F C Am C F C& the grey, damp filthiness of ages & battered books &
C F C Ffog rolling down behind the mountains,
C F C Fon the graveyards, and dead sea-captains.
Am C F CLet me walk through the stinking alleys
Am C F Cto the music of drunken beatings,
Am C F C Am Cpast the Thames River, glistening like gold
F Ghastily sold for nothing. Nothing.
Here goes little solo, played over the main riff:A||------------------------|--3--3--3---------------||E||--0----0--0--3----3--3--|-----------3----3--3----||
Strum the chords in the last verse:
G F AmLet me watch night fall on the river,
G F Amthe moon rise up and turn to silver,
G F Amthe sky move, the ocean shimmer,
G Fthe hedge shake, the last living rose
Am C F Cquiver.
Am C F C
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