Pj Harvey - Hanging In The Wire chords version 1

D   Dsus4/G   Amsus3/G 4x

D Dsus4/G Amsus3/GWalker sees the mist rise
D Dsus4/G Amsus3/GOver no man's land
D Dsus4/G Amsus3/GHe sees in front of him
D Dsus4/G Amsus3/GA smashed up waste ground
A Dsus4/GThere are no fields or trees
G D/F#No blades of grass
D Dsus4/G Amsus3/GJust unburied ghosts are there
D Dsus4/G Amsus3/GHanging in the wire
D Dsus4/G Amsus3/G 2x (repeat verse) Walker's in the wire Limbs point upwards There are no birds singing The white cliffs of Dover There are no trees to swing from Walker cannot hear the wind Far off a symphony To hear the guns beginning A Em7/A G6 D/F# D Dsus4/G Amsus3/G 4x
Bm D/AWalker's in the mist
Dsus4/G D/F#Rising
Bm D/A Dsus4/G DOver no man's land
Bm D/A Dsus4/G D/F#In the battered waste ground
Bm D/A Dsus4/G DThe big guns firing
D Dsus4/G Amsus3/G 4x D
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