Pj Harvey - Darker Days Of Me Him tab

This is my interpretation of this beautiful song... Not too close to the recording, but 
still good if played with a little feeling.

Capo 2nd (or bar chords), play with pick and some muting after the E string notes.

Intro: Am/E Badd9/F Add9/E Bm/F|-----------------|----------------|-----------------|----------------||------1----------|-----0----------|------0----------|-----3----------||------2-----2----|-----4-----4----|------2-----2----|-----4-----4----||----2---2---2----|---4---4---4----|----2---2---2----|---4---4---4----||-0---------------|-2--------------|-0---------------|-2--------------||----------0------|---------2------|----------0------|---------2------|
Play intro or first two measures of intro throughout the song. Lyrics: Promises, promises I'm feeling burned You taught me a lesson I didn't want to learn Why did I come here? Please tell me again Why did you ask me? Don't say you forget I long for, I long for I long for my home I long for a land where No man was ever known With no neurosis No psychosis No psychoanalysis And no sadness I'll pick up the pieces I'll carry on somehow Tape the broken parts together And limp this love around Limp this love around
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