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Pj Liguori – Jetpacks And Rollerblades chords

This is my first tab, but I'm fairly certain this is accurate, because it's a
beautifully simple song.
So at the beginning and a few times throughout the song, he does these little "dum
dummmm, dum dummmm, dum dummmm, dum dum dum dum" and there is only a slight variation in what
you play. So you play the G, C, D progression for the first bit, then at the last four 
hums he does a quick picking part and this is the tab for that:
Enjoy! G, C, D picking(tab above) (x2)
G CIf I had a jet pack,
DI'd circle into space,
G Cwith roller-blades on my feet
Dand pencils in my hands.
G CBut skating on the moon
Dis better in the morning,
G Cand I feel better when
DI am drawing
G CSo I'll draw myself a picture
Da rainbow tailed dinosaur
G Cand I'll put him in a bowl
Dand fill the bowl with milk
G Csuddenly everything
Dseems so much calmer
G Ccats wearing bow ties
Dhaving tea with a llama
seems great G, C, D picking(tab above) (x2)
G Cand even though I'm running late
Dto such a rad party
G CI don't seem to mind that
Dit's already started.
G CMy attire isn't fitting
DI think there was a theme
G CI must have misplaced the invitation
Dthat explained everything
G Cso I fire up the jet-pack
Dand head back home
G Cbut when I arrive to my dismay
Dall my friends have gone
G Coh no I think to myself
DI'll draw up some more
G Cbut all my pencils are broken
Dand I left my paper on the moon
what a disaster G, C, D picking(tab above) (x4)
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