Placebo – Battle For The Sun tab ver. 2

By Michael Bird.

This song can be played in drop-d as below, but knowing Placebo it’s probably in some
crazy tuning. You’ll get pretty close to the sound on the album if you have a guitar 
humbuckers, mid-range distortion
and the pickup selector all the way to neck pickups for the beginning (but as 
as Placebo records have
gotten, it’ll help if you have 3 guitars and 15 MIDI keyboards too).
For the main riff, the open D is optional for the Bb chord, but
probably a good idea to keep it droning if you’re the only guitar in the room.


1:30-2:19 Play the intro/verse again, with occasional flourishes, hit a big old fuzzy harmonic and then: 2:20-2:47
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------Play this twice, then bend this note—-13^-|D|--10------8------0------8--------------------------------------------------|A|--10-x16--8-x16--0-x16--8-x16----------------------------------------------|D|--10------8------0------8--------------------------------------------------|
This is all you need, the rest of the song proceeds in this order: Verse: mostly just palm mute/softly play the chords (Dm to Bb) Chorus: Same, maybe fuller chords in the order C, Bb, Dm, Bb. Bridge: Played four times, the last chord changes, 1st time A, 2nd and 3rd time Bb, 4th let the A ring out. Chorus: Same a few times over, with fiddly keyboard add-ons and some strings, end on Bb. There’s some extra guitar stuff in there, some minor chord shifts in the verses and some here or there, but that’s the bones of it. If you have questions or comments, call Placebo on 1800-NEWDRUMMER
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