Placebo - Kings Of Medicine chords

Here's a plain chord arrangement for the most beautiful song of the latest album.
Tuning is standard but putting a capo on the second fret makes it easier.

BThey're picking up pieces of me
GbWhile they're picking up pieces of you
EIn a bag you will be before the day is over
BWere you looking for somewhere to be
GbOr looking for someone to do?
EStupid me to believe that I could trust in stupid you
Eb EAnd on the back of my hand
Eb EWere directions I could understand
Eb ENow that old buzzard Johnny Walker
Eb EHas gone and ruined all our plans
Our best made plans
B GbDon't leave me here to pass through time
Abm EbWithout a map or road sign
B Gb Don't leave me here, my guiding light,
Abm Eb'Cause I, I
E EbI wouldn't know where to begin
E EbI asked the kings of medicine
The remaining of the song follows the same patterns. Feel free to comment.
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