Placebo - Pierrot The Clown tab

Pierrot the Clown Tab

Song:Pierrot the Clown

Beautiful song...gigantc live-act(i've been on a concert)...
This song is played 1/4 Step down and it includes 3 Guitars


First there comes a bass and a drum part(1x),then...


Guitar 1(first tabulature)& Guitar 2(second tabulature):

    A(-Barre)  F#m      E

e-----5---------4--------4------------------------------- | \B----5---------5--------5-------------------------------- | \G------------------------------------ -- |D------------------------------------ -- |A------------------------------------ -- |E---5---------2--------0------------- -- |
\ \ x2 / /e-------5---------5-----------4---------4-5--- -- |B-----5---5-----5---5-------5---5-----5------- -- |G-----------------------------------4--------- -- |D----7---------7-----------6----------------------------- | /A-------------------------------------------------------- | /E-------------------------------------------------------- |
Chorus: Guitar1(all Chords are strummed down!!):
D F#m E ^ ^ ^e--2|---2|---0|----|B--3|---2|---0|----|G--2|---2|---1|----|D--0|---4|---2|----|A-------4|---2|----|E-------2|---0|----|
Guitar2: Wil be updated soon!! Verse2: Guitar1:
A F#m E ^ ^ ^e-5|---2|---0|----------|B-5|---2|---0|----------|G-6|---2|---1|----------|D-7|---4|---2|----------|A-7|---4|---2|----------|E-5|---2|---0|----------|
Guitar2: Same as Verse1!! Guitar3(find out the strumming for yourselves): A(-Barre) F#m E then Chorus again... Bridge: Guitar1,Guitar2,Guitar3 same as Verse 2 You can figure out the rest by yourselfes Good Luck UPDATED WILL BE SOON!!!
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