Placebo - Allergic To Thoughts Of Mother Earth tab

Title : Allergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth)
Band : Placebo
Album : Without You I'm Nothing 1998]

I'm not sure that the chords are correct but it sounds quite good.
If you got any comments or correction please mail me at :

Intro*****D|----------------------------------------|A|------------------6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-------| x4E|---4-4-4-4-4-4--------------------------|
Verse 1 ********* A Any means in your horizon E Heaven in a tourniquet A The after life to keep your eyes on E bitter pill you take you take today A With expert levitation forward, E polished to the nth degree, A it takes it's smile from every children, you take the beating. Intro x4 ******** Verse 1 x1 *********** Chourse ********* A E The light divining, A E the light defining, A E the light divining, A E the light dividing. Bridge - x2 ****** A E Don't let me down, A let me-he, E let me down, don't let me, ===========================================================================
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