Plain White Ts - Revenge tab version 2

Revenge by The Plain White T's

Tabbed by Tylernol

The whole song is pretty much this riff, its fairly obvious when you play it
and very easy to figure out how many times just by listening to the song

This chord is muted right before the chorus:
Chorus (only the first one):
e|--------------------------------------| e|----|(Play from "One night.."B|--------------------------------------| B|----| to "..push me away") G|--------------------------------------| X4 G|----|D|-9---9---9-12---12---7---7---12-9---9-| D|-12-|A|-9---9---9-12---12---7---7---12-9---9-| A|-12-|E|-7---7---7-10---10---5---5---10-7---7-| E|-10-|
e|--------------------------------------| e|----|(Play until "now i'm B|--------------------------------------| B|----| giving up") G|--------------------------------------| G|----|D|-9---9---9-12---12---7---7---12-9---9-| D|-12-|A|-9---9---9-12---12---7---7---12-9---9-| A|-12-|E|-7---7---7-10---10---5---5---10-7---7-| E|-10-|
e|-------------| e|--------------------------------------| B|-------------| B|--------------------------------------| G|-------------| G|--------------------------------------| X4D|-12--11-10-9-| D|-9---9---9-12---12---7---7---12-9---9-| A|-12--11-10-9-| A|-9---9---9-12---12---7---7---12-9---9-| E|-10--9--8--7-| E|-7---7---7-10---10---5---5---10-7---7-|
For the bridge (part with all the random noise)I just sustain this chord:
e|----| Half way through the bridge I sustain the 12th fret on theB|----| B-stringG|----|D|-12-|A|-12-|E|-10-|
For all those parts inbetween the guitar riffs when it sounds like a plane is falling or something I like to just do long slow pick slides So thats it, probably not 100%, but hey sounds good enough, if you got anything to add or if i can make clearer somehow leave me a comment
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