Plain White Ts – Take Me Away chords

                Plain White T’s – Take Me Away

Verse 1
DI know we just got here
Abut i think it's time to go
G A D I didn't want to believe it but now i know
Dyou know who just walked in
Aand she didn't come alone
G A DI can't stand to see this get me home
DTake me away
AI'm gonna hurt somebody
Bm Gtake me away right now
Dhow could she say
Ashe wanted more you better
Bm Gtake me away right now
Verse 2
DI thought she was perfect
Ashe thought I was perfect too
G A Dperfect until she found someone new
Dnow I'm stuck here watching her
AI can't take this abuse
G Awhat does this guy do
Dthat I can't do?
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