Plain White Ts - What More Do You Want tab

Artist: Plain White T's
Song: What More Do You Want?
Album: All That We Needed
Tuning: Drop D (I think)

this is the little thing right before the intro, don't know if it's right but oh welle|---------|B|---------|G|---------|D|---------|A|---------|D|--1/8\1--|
Intro/verse/outroe|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|--11----33----3/4------| (all the 11 are 1's not 11's)A|-----------11----------|D|-----44------------11--|
Chorus (Guitar 1)(i think this is keyboards, not sure)e|--------66-------------99------|B|------7----7---------7----7----|G|--6/8--8-----8---6/8--8-----8--| do as many times as neededD|-------------------------------|A|-------------------------------|D|-------------------------------|
Chorus (Guitar 2)e|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|--4~--6~--4~--6~--4~--6--|D|--4~--6~--4~--6~--4~--6--|A|--2~--4~--2~--4~--2~--4--|D|-------------------------|
Chorus (Guitar 3)e|----------|B|----------|G|----------| also do as many times as neededD|----------|A|----------|D|--6-8-9~--|
/ = slide ~ = let ring song order: intro/verse (8x) chorus (all guitars) verse (6x) chorus (all guitars) verse (2x) chorus (all guitars) verse (8x) chorus (all guitars) outro(intro/verse) (2x) u can e-mail me at if u have any questions, comments or suggestions
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