Plan B - Sick 2 Def tab

Well I think the chords in the chorus are played like this, the last one was
close but I think this is more accurate if you listen to it:

Capo 1...

Real sick hearing these bricks talk shit,
They get their throats slit 'cos they talking to me like I'm Thick
And I'm real tired of all these bullshit guys
They best go hide, 'cos I'm looking for them on the slide
Cos I've had it up to here, right up to here
Might have to do it reservoir dogs style, slice off the ear,
'cos I've had enough of acting tough, trying to get
E                             E        E
Rough when its obvious they ain't rough enough

Then in the verses it seems to be played quietly or muted but carries on playing E and Em

Hope this helps!
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