Planet Smashers - Too Much Attitude tab

                       Too Much Attitude - Planet Smashers
Tabbed by: Andy Heidt

Tuning: standard


A D A De|-5----5----5----5----|B|-5----7----5----7----|G|-6----7----6----7----|D|-7----7----7----7----|A|-7----5----7----5----|E|-5----5----5----5----|
Bridge[tabbers note: on closer inspection, the band plays these with major chords, so thechord change is actually E D E Bm E. Personally, I like the minor chord sound] C#m Bm C#m Bm E C#m Bm C#m BmD E e|-9----7----9----7----7----| |-9----7----9----7-5-7--|B|-9----7----9----7----9----| or, |-9----7----9----7-7-9--|G|-9----7----9----7----9----| another |-9----7----9----7-7-9--|D|-11---9----11---9----9----| way to |-11---9----11---9-7-9--|A|-11---9----11---9----7----| play it: |-11---9----11---9-5-7--|E|-9----7----7----7----7----| |-9----7----9----7-5-7--|
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