Planet Smashers - No Matter What You Say tab

                    No Matter What You Say - Planet Smashers
Tabbed by: Andy Heidt

Tuning: standard

Intro |-9-----------14--||-10----------14--||-11----------14--||-11----------16--||-9-----------16--||-9-----------14--|(Move to a higher F#m) F#m (F#m) ( at end if you want )
|-9-------7---7---| |-10------9---7---| |-11------9---8---| |-11------9---9---| |-9-------7---9---| |-9-------7---7---| F#m E B
Chorus|-5---5----7-------| |-7---5----9-------| |-7---6----9-------| |-7---7----9-------| |-5---7----7-------| |-5---5----7-------| D A E
Question marks in the dark making hard to start always, never knowing suddenly I can see how the path lies for me, it's time to get going I perceive your concern And I try to relate you say I should be staying You resist and insist telling me to beware Like you've already been there No matter what you say, I'm on my way No matter what you say, I'll do it anyway I say to each his own when all's told it is wrong, Not to recognize this I'm aware of your advice, really do understand I hear what you're saying No more misunderstanding I won't be caught demanding for your rassurance cause it has no consequence -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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