Planet Smashers - Missionarys Downfall tab

                       Missionary's Downfall - Planet Smashers
Tabbed by: Andy Heidt

Tuning: standard

There really isn't too much guitar in this, it's a very horn-based song.

Intro, Prechorus near the end with same horn part

Verse |-9-------9-------||-11------9-------||-11------10------||-11------11------||-9-------11------||-9-------9-------| F# C#
Chorus |-2---4---4---6---| |-2---4---6---6---| |-3---5---6---6---| |-4---6---6---8---| |-4---6---4---8---| |-2---4---4---6---| F# G# C# Bbm(Throw in a C between the C# and Bbm if you want)(Also, some people think it sounds better higher up on the neck)
Postchorus |-9---| |-9---| |-10--| |-11--| |-11--| |-9---| C#
Everybody on your knees "It's God" say the "Polynesse" [Sic] They worship me mistakenly I say "Tiki, who was he?" Trader Vic at Hinky Dink's He liked sex and he liked to drink Built a temple to have fun Huri Popo everyone Aku-Aku, Mai-tai Tonight's the night it'll be just fine Gombay Smash or Kapu-Kai Can't be bothered with the 9 to 5 Gotta get down at the coconut lounge tonight Island people are a generous bunch Offering drinks and buffet lunch No missionary could ever see Their downfall in Tahiti Could this be paradise? Hula skirts are really nice Sweet and fruity drinks with ice If I die this would suffice -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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