Planet Smashers – Never Going To Drink Again tab

                       Never Going to Drink Again - Planet Smashers
Tabbed by: Andy Heidt

Tuning: standard

They actually teach you how to play this if you go to a show =P

|-6---6---8---8---||-6---8---8---10--||-7---8---8---10--||-8---8---10--10--||-8---6---10--8---||-6---6---8---8---| Bb Eb C#m F
Verse x3 x1|-6-------8-------| |-6-------8-------||-6-------10------| |-8-------10------||-7-------10------| |-8-------10------||-8-------10------| |-8-------10------||-8-------8-------| |-6-------8-------||-6-------8-------| |-6-------8-------| Bb F Eb F
Work is finally done To the pub we go for fun Rounds for everyone Now my head might implode, kill me now Kill me now Never gonna drink again, never gonna Stumbling around with you There's nothing I'd rather do Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Friday night, Friday night Mix the drinks, mix the drinks Never gonna drink again, never gonna Never going to drink again without you -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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