Planetshakers - Could I Ever tab

Not very sure if it is correct... but I think I got almost all of it right... Feel free 
leave comments if there are any mistakes.

No capo needed. Normal E A D G B e tuning

Intro : D D/A D D/A

Verse 1
D                 D/A
When I woke up today
           Bm7                       G   A
Thought of all the things you've done
D               D/A
Found myself here
        Bm7            G
Feeling all so overcome

A             Em            G   Bm
You gave your life away for me
A         Em              G
Truly my heart belongs to you
So let me say

        D    A/C#        Bm
Could I ever thank you for
G                  Bm   A/C#
What you did at Calvary
     D/E                   G
When you bled and died for me
        D    A/C#    Bm
Could I ever turn away
G                          Bm   A/C#
Knowing that you paid the price
     D/E           G
That I could never pay

Verse 2
When I think of the way
That you died upon that cross
Bearing my sin
Even though my heart was lost
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