Planetshakers – Boom tab

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Note that you have to use drop D tuning for this song - tune the lowest E string to a D note.

For the noisy part, play chords (same as power chords, but the fingering is easier of the tuning):
VerseSame as the intro, but with a palm mute.-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-0-3p0-3h5-0-3p0-3h5-3-|
Pre-ChorusPalm mute the open D string notes.-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-----5-3h5---3p2---1p0-|-0-0-------0-----0-----|
Chorus Play the Dm power chord, followed by two fretting hand mutes, then the Bb power chord. which is the Gm chord, which is played like this:
After this play Dm, followed by F and Gm, like this:-------|-------|-------|-3-5---|-3-5---|-3-5---|
Chords: Dm Dm Bb Gm Dm Dm F Gm Bridge Bb power chord first, with lots of fretting hand mutes in between, followed by:
-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-0-0-0-7--0-0-0-10-----| x2
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