Planetshakers – Holding On tab

Holding On				    	Key: G
Words and music by, Planetshakers						

G Bm D G

Verse 1
G                  Bm 
Here it goes,       I'm letting go
D                                        G
Of all that's weighing me down
G              Bm 
I believe,          in everything, 
D                          G
You are all that I need

         G               D 
So I look to You
             Em             F#m
And not to this world
          G               D 
I am found in You
                      Em                F#m
And You are found in me

G                        D 
You're the center    of my everything
A                             Em
You're the rock on which I stand
G                    D
My foundation     is in Jesus
A                         Em
I'm holding on to You forever

Verse 2
I'm reaching out, for more of You
Come and fill me again
More of You, and less of me
That is how it should be

G                        Bm
I'm holding onto You forever
D                                      Em
Cause no one else could be the center
G                         Bm 
You are the only one for me now
A            G
Lord it's You
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