Planetshakers – The One tab

..........THE ONE..........

[Intro:] Electric:e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|A|--------5--7--7--5-7-----5--7---|E|--0--0----------------7---------|
repeat 4 times [Verse:] Em We’re lifting up Your name, We live to bring You praise, C D Cause there’s no one like You Em All glory to Your name, Cause you alone are great, C D And there is no one like You [Pre-chorus:] E C#m We will lift You higher, C Higher than all other names, D Cause You are worthy [Chorus:] E C#m Jesus You are the one, C D Who is worthy of the highest praise E C#m Jesus You are the one, D A You are the one, the king of glory (repeat intro)
[Bridge:]This part there acoustic just plays Em Electic:e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|E|--0--0--0--3--4--5--0--0--0--3--|
Sing it loud, sing it proud, For He is king He alone, is the one, He’s everything (repeat x4) Intro Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Intro Verse Pre-Chorus x2 Chorus x2 Bridge x4 Chorus x2
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