Planetshakers - Deeper chords


G Asus G Asus Em7 C

G Asus G AsusI want to know you, I want to hear your voice
G Asus CI want to feel you, More than before
G Asus G AsusI want to touch you, I want to see your face
Em7 CI want you Jesus, More than before
Pre Chorus:
D Em7 C G D Em7 DMore of you Jesus I want more, More of you my Lord
C G D Take me deeper than I've been before,
C Em7 DTake me further God I long for more
C G D Em7 CTake me Higher that I've been before, Jesus I want more,
Em7 DJesus I need more
Instrumental: Em7 C G D (2x) Bridge:
Em7 C G DMore of you, More of you Jesus
Em7 C G DMore of you, I need more of you (2x)
-Chorus, Bridge
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