Planetshakers - Jesus Reigns chords version 2


Intro: (x2) A E C#m BsusVerse 1:
A EMay my life, speak Your words
C#m BsusMay my heart, beat with Yours
A C#mLet Your light shine in me,
BFor all my days
Verse 2:
A EGod of grace, God of truth,
C#m BsusLord my soul, longs for You
A C#mI will live for You God,
BFor all my days
B/D# C#m Bsus AJesus Christ, the name above all names
B/D# C#m Bsus ARisen king, we long to bring You praise
EJesus reigns
B C#mAll glory to Your name,
B AAll power to Your name,
EJesus reigns
B C#mLet all creation praise,
B AThe name above all name,
B C#m E A(x2)Forever, Jesus reigns
Verse 1 Pre-chorus: (x2) Chorus: Bridge: (x4)
C#mSpirit of God,
A BWe cry out for You now,
E B/D# We cry out,
C#m AWhere would we be without You Jesus,
BWhere would we be without You Lord
Chorus: Ending: (x4)
C#m E AJesus Reigns
God Bless ya real good!
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