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Planetshakers – Secret Place chords

Beautiful worship song by Planetshakers from the album 'Pick It Up.'

Secret Place
Key: G

Intro: Em  C  G  D  (x2)  
[Riff notes: G  A  B  B  B  B  G  G       G  A  B  B  B  B  A  A A x2]

Em C G DIn the secret place, I find You
Em C GIn Your sweet embrace
Em C G DIn the stillness Lord, I m waiting
Em C GHere to hear Your voice
D CCalling me, drawing me
D CJesus You re all I need
Em C G DYou are all I need, my Jesus
Em C GYou re my everything (x2)
G/B C Em D G/B C Em DYou, -------- are all I ever wanted, all I ever need my Jesus
G/B C Em D G/B C Em D/F#You, -------- are all I ever wanted, all I ever need my Jesus
C EmTake me to the secret place Lord
D C Em D/F#You re all I need, into the secret place Lord (x4)
Tag 2:
Am7 Em D C Em D/F# [Riff notes: E F# G A B A F# E] Just one moment here with You
Am7 Em D C Means more than anything to me
Listen to original to get an idea of how it sounds i.e structure and instruments etc. The final riff is during the Em D/F# chord sequence in Tag 2. It is lovely!!! Of course, it's the other instruments that help to make it sound awesome. Hope this helps :) God Bless and have fun practising this song. enjoy!!!
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