Planetshakers – Save Australia chords

Save Australia

Intro - A  D  A

1st Stanza

D A E Esus ESave our nation Lord
D A E Esus EThere's nothing we want more
D A E Esus EThis land of hopes and dreams
D A E Esus ELord bring us to our knees
D A E Esus EHear our cry oh Lord it's time
D A E Esus EHeal this land Lord send Your fire
D ASave Australia
D E APour Your Spirit out
D AOn this nation
F#m7 (D) ESend revival to this land
D F#m7 EDo it through us
D F#m7 EDo it in me
2nd Stanza
D A E Esus EBless this sun burnt land
D A E Esus EWith Your mighty hand
D A E Esus ETake our hearts and lives
D A E Esus ESo all may know Your Love
A (F#m7)*Save our nation
DSave our nation
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