Planetshakers – So In Love With You chords ver. 2

So In Love With You

G Am Bm Em (4x)

Verse: (Palm Mute)
G Am(x2 riffs)God I've found in You
Bm CEverything I was searching for
G Am(x2 riffs)And You've given me
Bm CWhat I needed and so much more
D Em CSo I'm giving every part of me to You
D Em CWon't You take my life? I'm living it for You
G DJesus I'll live for You
Em CIn everything I do
G DAnd when You call my name
Am CI just can't help but sing Your praises
G DI'll give You all my praise
Em CI'll serve You all my days
G DGonna let the whole world know
Am C D G Am Bm EmJesus I am so in love with You,
G Am Bm Em*with You,
G Am Bm C Bridge:
G DEveryday it's You I live for
Em CGonna serve You all my days
G DEvery step I take You're with me
Em CJesus, You're the only way
G Am Bm Emwith You!
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