Planetshakers – Beautiful Saviour chords ver. 2

A F#m7Jesus, beautiful Saviour
DGod of all Majesty
Esus ERisen King
ALamb of God
F#m7Holy and righteous
DBlessed redeemer
Hm7 Esus EBright morning star
E A DAll the Heavens shout your praise
E A D EAll creation bows to worship you
A F#m7How wonderful, how beautiful
D Hm7 EName above every name, exalted high
A F#m7How wonderful, how beautiful
D Hm7 D E Asus4 A Asus4 AJesus Your name, name above every name Jesus
Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge x2:
A F#m7I will sing forever
DJesus I love You
Hm7 EJesus I love You
Chorus Tag:
Asus4 A Asus4 AJe - sus, Beautiful Sa - viour
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