Planetshakers – Praise Him chords

Song   : Praise Him
Artist : Planetshakers
Album  : Beautiful Saviour Acoustic Series Volume 1
Key    : B
Standard EADGBe tuning

B    E    A

Verse 1
BLooking out my window
E A BI see the trees blowing in the breeze
BLooking out my window
E A G#mI see the birds flying in the sky
B/D#And I know
EWith just one breath
A G#mYou created the whole world
B/D#And I know
EIf I don't praise You
A B A EThe rocks will soon cry out,cry out,cry out..
BPraise Him
Lift your voices
ELet it ring
A BThroughout all the earth
BPraise Him
ELet all men know that Jesus Christ
A BHe is alive!
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