Planetshakers - Let Praise Awaken chords version 1

Bb  Dm - C (x4) 

Verse 1:
Bb Dm - C Let praise awaken
Bb Dm - CInside of every heart
Bb Dm - C For He is awesome
Bb Dm - C Our God is awesome
Dm C Bb CYou are faithful, and Youʼre able to do anything
Dm C G BbSo I trust You, never doubt You, Cause You hold it all
C Dm Bb F/AEveryday of my life Iʼll praise You
C Dm Bb F/AEvery moment Iʼll bless Your name
C Dm Bb F/AYou have given me love unfailing
C -Dm-Bb C -Dm-Bb H - E - Y H - E - Y Verse 2: The ground is shaking As weʼre singing loud For He is awesome Our God is awesome Chorus (Instrumental) F5 Ab Bb (x4) BRIDGE:
F5 Ab BbLet praise awaken in this generation
F5 Ab BbLet praise awaken all around the world
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