Plankeye – Whisper To Me tab

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From Thu May  8 14:09:40 1997
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 14:44:54 -0400
From: Tim Graffam 
Subject: PlankEye chords

"Whisper to me"
 By Plankeye
 From the album "Commonwealth"
 Copyright Tooth and Nail records, 1996
 Contributed by Tim Graffam


    E Chord in background

       Riff 1:
      e |------------------------------------|
B |----2p1-----1------2p1--------------| (Repeated numerous times) G |---------2--------------2-----------|
E chord with muting Isn't it funny what I forgot today, Isn't it great how you work in spite of me. A Db E(VII) I can see that you're not laughing A Db E(VII) Yeah I know it's not a joking matter A Db E(VII) I guess it's just one of the ways... Chorus: B A When I think you've left forever, E I hear your voice...whisper to me. Riff 1 with E in Background Verse 2: same pattern as above Chorus to Riff 1 to solo(which I don't know) Chorus once more to dead stop.
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