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You've Got The Magic Touch:The Platters.
#4 on Rock charts & #4 on R&B charts in 1956.
(Orig. key. Check it on YouTube.)

D              G
You've got the magic touch,
it makes me glow so much.
   D7      C                 D
It casts a spell, it rings a bell,
    D7    G     D
the magic touch.

Oh, when I feel your charm.
It's like a four alarm.
    D7      C 
You make me thrill so much,
       D       D7    G     C G        
you've got the magic touch.

     G7   C                   G
Here I go reeling, oh,oh..I'm feeling, the glow..
    E                   A   D7
But where can I go from you?

I didn't know too much.
And then I felt your touch.
    D7       C               D
And now I've learned I can return,
    D7    G     C G
the magic touch.



A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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