Pleska - Keep On Fighting chords

Am GTell me why, why people die
Amwhy people scream
Gthey just want bright reality.
Am GNo brutality mister no, no, no
Am G you can come but you can't go
AmPolitical lies
Am Gall those descaise
Am Gthey don't know but we've realised.
Am DmThat so many humans are dying
G Amso many kids are crying
Am Dmso why do you keep lying
G Amyou know we will keep on fighting.
Am Gwill keep on fighting.
Jah bless the children so life wouldn't be forbidden Jah bless the future so wars would't destroy our culture Jah bles the freedom and lead us to his kingdom Jah bless the peace and let bullets be replaced with kiss.
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