Plumb - Me chords

Me by Plumb
Album: Blink (2007)
Dedicated to Sophia Wells

Capo 1st fret

intro: G Csus2 (G Csus2) (x2) 
G I haven't had
FA chance to sleep
GAnd when I wake
FI wake with your dreams
C EmI guess my pillow
AmHolds some kind of key
FTo your peace
G AmYour peace...
Gchorus: Me
C EmI wouldn't trade your love for all the candy
Am FIn this great big world
C/E EmI feel so crazy blessed and oh, so lucky
Am FTo be the place you go
EmWhen you need to feel safe
Am C/EWhen you need a kiss
GIt's me
repeat intro
G I haven't showered
FAnd I tried to eat
GBut all your tears
FOh, they needed me
C Em AmI need some time, some time to think
FBut then I hear you
And what you need is... chorus
Em GI wash your face
C/ETo make room for
EmAll the kisses
Am EmOf tomorrow
Em GAnd everyday
C/E That I get to
EmBe here with you
G Am (Am could be F in this case)Is sweet
EmOh, don't be afraid
C/E 'Cause what you'll have is...
Outro: G Csus2 (G Csus2) (x2)
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