Plus 44 – When Your Heart Stops Beating chords

When Your Heart Stops Beating
When Your Heart Stops Beating
2006 Interscope Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Am - x02210
C -  x32010
G -  320003
F -  133211
Em - 022000

Intro: Am--C-G (x2)

Guitar 2:e|-5------0----0--3---5------0----0--12----|B|---5-------1----------5-------1-------13-|G|------2------------------2---------------|D|-----------------------------------------| (x2)A|-----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
Verse 1:
Am Turn it up, I never want to go home
C GI only want to be part of your breakdown
Am She got caught by the fall on the floor
C GIt picked her up and she’ll never get let down
AmAnd now I can’t, stop, thinking about it
C GAll you people at the top don’t know nothing about it
AmWe don’t give a fuck what the price is
C GSo just leave us to our own devices And we’ll leave you alone
F C I’ll be there when you heart stops beating
Em Am I’ll be there when your last breaths taken away
F C In the dark when there’s no one listening
Em Am In the times when we both get carried away
Guitar 2:e|-12-12--------------|B|-------13--15-15-13-|G|--------------------|D|--------------------| (x4)A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
When we both get carried away Verse 2:
Am She says it all without a thought in her head
C GShe says it all, and she’s pressed up against me
Am A little something just to take off the edge
C GA little more and I’ll fall off the planet entirely
(Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Am--C-G (x6)
Guitar 2:e|-----------------|B|-1----1----1---0-|G|-----------------|D|---2----2----2---| (x2)A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
(Repeat Chorus) Outro:
F C (I’ll be there when your heart stops beating)
Em Am When we both get carried away
F C (In the dark when there’s no one listening)
Em Am Am(hold) When we both get carried away
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