Plus One - God Is In This Place tab

Em        Am
I need to say
     B7              Em
That God is in this place
    C       B7              Em
And God is right by your side
You need to know
     B7            Em
That anywhere you go
        C         B7          Em
Just by faith his love will abide

Em                   Am
The moment could be, here and now
            D               Am
When you need someone to be there

Im telling you hes reaching out
With love beyond compare
And he knows your soul
And he knows your heart
           Cm        B7
Knows everything you are

Back to the verse and then chorus

          Am            D              Am
Everybody stumbles gets lost along the way

But his mercy comes raining down
With his amazing grace
      G7              C
Cause all you need is just to believe
       Cm               B7
Hes waiting to set you free
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