Plush - Jetlife tab

Song: Jetlife
Artist: Plush
Tabbed by: Justin John

This is one of my favorite South African bands and one of my favorite songs from them.
Thought I'd tab it for all the others out there who feel the same way :)
It's simple really. I left out all the little hidden solo guitar peices cause it'd 
take me to long to tab out.
But you can always just improvise it. Its in the key of Em.
Jam it.

Intro: (Finger Picking)

Intro part 2 (Chords): - These are pretty much the chords throughout the whole song. Em D C Bm7
The chords are actually like this throughout the whole song :) Solo guitar:
Ring out into verse and then improvise solos :)
Guitar Breakdown:
e|---------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------|G|--9-/-11--/-12-/-14-/-16-/-17-/-11-/-7-/-2---------------|D|--------------------------------------------x 2----------|A|--7-/-9--/--10-/-12-/-14-/-15-/-9--/-5-/-0---------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
Simple :) Enjoy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics Jet life I'm living life like a rock star Oh how I really wanna go far From here Cool Cats, riding the town like they own it That is something I will never get Oh I will never get that And I do believe that no one feels this pain Inside of me... *Chorus* Well I'm jet life Slow life Picking up the broken pieces Of my life Tentative, hesitant bid God It all looks positive It's a shame about the world though Lost dreams and no tomorrows It's a shame it's shaking stuff up You know it wouldn't be if we weren't so stuck up 'Cos we know nothing at all If we didn't realize that we're so small One shake out of the earth One spin on the sea We'll be squashed up bugs beneath God's feet I said, all I have are believers, Said, all I have are believers Are you, a believer We're all just dreamers *Chorus* Well the rest of the world is fighting In a war that no one survives in Young men are (can't tell word) before they've even lived Well that doesn't seem fair to me And Daddy's at home, he's angry 'Cos his son's no longer his property Well, Man you had the long perception 'Cos he was never your possession And woman walk around with mace in their bag Just a piece of meat, waiting to be tagged Well I can't believe this happens in my land I can't believe the value of the Rand Jet life Everybody striving for a good life Ain't nothing gonna happen if you sit around and waste time You gotta move, you gotta prove, you gotta stay humble Or this world will surely crumble Youtube:
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