Pluton Svea - Hail The Swastika tab

Pluton Svea - Hail the swastika
Album: Stöveltramp

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The latrine scum, still more to go, in our town Hand in hand with zionist and the media, too, we have to kick them down We're white, we unite and we're ready to fight, Side-by-side Death before dishonour, skin is our type, It's our aryan pride We fight for the existence of the white race, Every day Niggers and jews, gooks and communists, You have to pay! The race war is here, there's no turning back, We won't retreat Our enemies already starting to run, From our screams This is the final solution: racial holy war! We're gonna win this time, the world, And that's for sure The race traitors burning, the swastika's flying, What a lovely sight! The symbol of freedom, the symbol of honour, Red, black and white HAIL THE SWASTIKA, HAIL THE HOLOCAUST, HAIL THE SWASTIKA HAIL THE SWASTIKA, HAIL THE HOLOCAUST, HAIL THE MIGHTY SWASTIKA
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