Pmtoday – I Am Wrong chords

Left handed
I probably hit a good number of patches in here, but I think overall it's alright.

D F#m Am I wrong to assume
G F#mevery woman is just like you?
Em AYou fall in love so you can wear a dress,
D AYou wed to ensure your peers are impressed.
D F#mBut I am wrong if I say "I do".
G F#mI'd be lying to you.
Em AI'm bored with your friends and sick of your moods,
D AI'm tired of selling "I love you too".
BmI am wrong.
Instrumental: Bm (continuation of last verse), G, F#m, A
D F#mAm I wrong if I lose my faith?
G F#mIf I forget about and miss your birthday?
Em AYou're a dead-end job I hate,
D AA dingy apartment I can't afford to pay,
D F#mI am wrong, but when I get home
G F#mI know exactly what I'm going to do,
Em AI'll say "mom, I know life's hard,
D Abut I love you and I know dad loves you too"
DI can't be wrong.
(Repeat Verse Chords twice)
Em AAm I wrong if I stretch the truth?
F#m Bm ACan we just go back to what we're used to?
Em AI'll never be your groom,
F#m Bm AI won't hold your hand like you want me to,
Em AAm I wrong if I don't care
F#m Bm Awhere you go or who you're meeting there?
Em AYou'll never be my bride,
F#m Bm AI can't have some kid ruining my night,
D F#mI am wrong.
G, F#m, Em, A, D, A, D
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