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Get In The Wind

Intro:  G#  F# (4X)

I've been missing you tell me why can't you get it through
                             D#                              G#  F# G# 
Get it through your mind and take the time to get on back to me
There's a wind blowin' through my soul and it’s blowing my head in cold
If you change your mind like imported wine
                             G#  F#  G#
and you believe in the story told

Yes I love you and I mean to tell you that
    C#7                            F#        A
I’m always thinking of you any old way, everyday
Get yourself a ticket baby you can do it, don't think it maybe
I can change my mind if you got the time To get on back to me

There's a wind blowin'...

Yes I love you...
I’m always thinking of you any old way and everyday

Get in the wind let it bring you home to me again
get in the wind, I’ve been missing you so long since I don’t know when  

by: José Duarte
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