Poco – Nothin Still The Same tab

Nothin' Still the Same

A      E  A         D                        A
Nobody is home, I’m broke but can spend this dime
           E   A           D                          A
To call on the phone, I’ll wait and try just one more time
          E                F#m                    A              D 
I’ve been standing in this phone booth instead of walking in the rain
       B7           D              A         
To the honky tonk a mile from here where 
                 E        D             A 
I could ease the pain not knowing she’s gone again
    D       E         A
And nothin’ still the same

I know that she’s gone she would wait for me to call
I knew all along she’d picked me up to watch me fall
And know I’ve hitchhiked from here to Memphis
Fourteen hours in the rain, you know she wrote me not to bother to 
Call her if I came, seems she’s gone before she’s left again
And nothin’ still the same

              D              A               F#m          A 
And it’s been raining on the freeway bout as far as I can see
    E                    D               A               E
The sky is grey and it’s just the way it always rains on me
   D               A             D                 A      
No sun today she’s gone way, why can’t hope let me be

Instrumental verse +:
And I’ve been standing in this phone booth wishing I could blame the rain
For being here instead of her wind, 
Nothin’ still the same I wonder if she’ll call again 
Since nothin’ still the same

Chorus +
Nobody is home and nothin’ still the same

by: José Duarte
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