Poco - Do You Feel It Too tab

Do You Feel It Too
Intro:  D#  G# (4X)

          D#         G#   D#    G#
Thought a girl was a girl and then
          D#      G#    Bb
I found myself in love again.
     Fm             D#
I've been in love a time or two
       G#                              Bb       
But it never happened like it did with you.
G#              D#
Do you feel it, too?

Yea, my heart just went for a ride
Certain feelings you just can't hide
I thought I knew a thing or two
About the ways of the girls, ah, but not like you.
Do ya feel it, too?

Cm              Bb    G#         D#   
Please remember how I feel about you.
Cm                Bb       G#           D#			D# C# Bb
Let me know right now that I'm pleasin' you (I'm pleasin' you)

Verse 1 +
Do ya feel it, too?

Note: This is the "pickin' up the Pieces" LP version

by: Josť Duarte
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