Poco – Here We Go Again tab

Here We Go Again
C#              F#   		       C#
When I last saw you, I couldn't find a reason why
Bbm    Fm           B
I felt kind o' blue watching you
C#             F#   		           C#
Hello my sweet friend, I've come to sing a lullaby
Bbm         Fm                C#
Can I make amends or should I try

C#7                                   G#
Ooo - Mama can't you see it's not the same
C#7                                G#
Lookin' back behind I can't start anew day
          F#          C#
But then, here we go again

Searching back to you, I've finally come to realize
When we were as two - tellin' lies
Livin' so afraid we never read between the lines
It's different from today - the sun it shines
When I first saw you, I knew I couldn't change my mind
My twisted point of view - another kind
But love is what we choose and not for us to reason why
Sometimes love we lose and never try

Oooo - Could it really be it's not the same
Lookin' back behind is such a silly game
Here we go again

by: José Duarte
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